Best Gold and Precious Metals Affilaite Programs

Free Gold Bars Stock PhotoThe Best Gold and Precious Metals Affiliate programs can see you the affilaite earning vast sums of money for doing little more than getting a qualified click and sending an invoice to the gold dealers concerned.

To give you some idea the top performing affiliates for some gold companies are earning in excess of $500k, that is a month not a year!

These top affilaites are likely to have several websites in this niche targeting the kind of folk who are looking to invest in Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium  through a tax efficient vehicle like a gold IRA. They will be using various affiliate marketing techniques, including SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Videos and Banner advertising.

This is a highly competitive niche and probably not a niche for a first time affiliate marketer. With great effort brings great rewards. Let me give you a recent example of how one click generated us over $120,000.

We got a click from one of our sites from a page about rolling over a 401k plan to a gold IRA, this was a natural click from position 4 in the US serps.  The person who clicked left their name, address and contact details on the form where the click redirected them to.  Our Gold Dealer partner qualified the lead and instantly paid us $200 for a qualified lead.  Our gold dealer went on to help the customer decide what was best for them/. In this case they decided to transfer $1.2m of their 401k plan into a precious metals IRA, we were informed that this was roughly 30% of the 401k funds value.

When the transaction was completed some three weeks later our Gold partner requested an invoice for $120,200 we gladly provided this invoice and got paid. We got 10% commission on the sale and $200 for the lead.

What did we do to get the $120,200? We ranked a page using SEO that was informative to the prospect, got a click and sent our gold company partner an invoice.

It sounds too easy to be true! It can be that easy, but be under no illusions you need a good looking website, with great content that ranks on Bing, Google and the likes This can be time consuming and costly, but the rewards are very worth the effort.


Top Precious Metals Affiliate Companies

Free Gold Bar Lot Stock Photo

The best performing gold and Silver IRA companies are listed below, we know because we have tested them and get money paid into our bank every month by these companies

Joint Top – Goldco & Augusta Precious Metal

Second Tier But Worth Promoting  – Hartford American Gold, Noble Gold & Birch Group


Definitely Do Not Touch – Regal Asset Management

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